(see also Bulk Bag Conditioners)

Flo-Master™ Massagers
The MTS exclusive Flo-Master™ Massaging system features two (2) heavy-duty tubular massaging frames actuated by powerful pneumatic cylinders. The massaging frames, located on opposing sides of the bulk bag, raise and lower the bottom of the bulk bag, elevating and pushing material into the flow path. Our massaging frames are constructed from schedule 80 pipe for unmatched strength and effectiveness. The unique open pipe design directs point loads into the material and helps eliminate material bridging to promote product discharge. Traditional flat, or bent sheet metal massagers found on lesser units direct their energy over a large surface area, and are less effective in breaking up material.

The massager frames mount to 3” square x ” wall structural tube supports which are continuously welded to 4” square x ” wall main frame uprights. Our massaging system includes heavy-duty 1” thick machined mounts, 1” diameter pivot shafts, and flanged bearings for smooth, reliable operation. MTS offers exclusive massaging systems based on your application requirements, including heavy-duty “breaker-bar” massaging frames, twin cylinder or hydraulic cylinder actuation, “two-stage” massagers, and stainless steel construction.



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