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Sure-Seal™ Spout Clamping System
The MTS Sure-Seal™ Bag Spout clamping system has set the industry standard for dust-tight discharge spout interfaces.

A user friendly pneumatically actuated clamp ring seals the interior of the bag discharge spout tightly to the outside of the product discharge transition.
The bag spout clamping ring includes a compressible closed cell seal for dust-tight product discharge. The low-pressure pneumatic design is safe, easy to use, and efficient to operate.

Sure-Seal™ System Operational Sequence

Step 1
Operator loads a bag into the bulk bag discharger. The bottom of the bag is supported by a discharge pan for operator safety.

Step 2
Operator opens the Seal-Master dust-tight spout access chamber doors.

Step 3
Operator accesses the discharge spout of the bag through the opening in the clamp ring, then places the bulk bag discharge spout and liner (if applicable) over the outside diameter of the discharge transition.




Step 4
Operator turns a selector switch, activating the Sure-Seal pneumatic spout clamp system. Twin pneumatic cylinders lower the clamp ring, sealing the bag discharge spout to the product discharge transition.

Step 5
Operator unties discharge spout to initiate the discharge cycle.

Step 6
Operator then closes the Seal-Master spout access chamber doors.




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